Welcome to the page. People have been using cannabis as medicine for thousands of years. This plant has seems to be the gift of the Gods. The hemp variety has over 50,000 uses alone. We will soon be seeing hempcrete houses 3D printed. As 3D printers become more mainstream, we will start seeing them in the average house. 3D hemp plastic seems to be a great alternative to petroleum based plastics. This page will start out as an alternative medicine/home remedies page, but may evolve into a page about remedies for fixing things around the house with the hemp variety in the future as well. No one knows exactly how this wonderful plant will change the World for the better yet!

Cannabis Home Remedies

We invite you to submit your home remedies you have for treating your ailments. You can either leave a comment, or submit a detailed article via email. Cannabis Home Remedies may soon be the go-to for the average American.

THC has been well documented. Many other cannabinoids will become a focus for breeding such as CBD, CBC, THCV, CBDV, CBG, etc. As this World emerges, we will find even more uses for the cannabis plant.

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